Tips To Avoid Your Emails From Going Into Spam

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The popularity of domain and web hosting providers worldwide is on the rise. One thing that has been constant for years is the need for effective email communication for business-related interactions. This is why email hosting in Australia and worldwide is becoming a valuable investment.

But what do you think is the biggest fear for businesses that rely on email communication? Seeing their emails in the spam folder.

If you are looking for tips on “how to stop my emails from going into recipients’ spam folders,” this blog is the answer.

Top Tips To Stop Emails From Going Into Spam

  • Confirm Subscription With Double Opt-in

One of the primary reasons people push your email into their spam folder is sudden email spam. To continue navigating through a website or written content online, people often put their email IDs under the subscribe option in a rush.

However, there is a high chance that they forget about subscribing and thus push your emails into the spam folder.

An effective way to resolve this is to confirm the subscription with an additional email follow-up. This will jog the users’ memory to continue their subscription or opt out, reducing the chances of your emails going to the spam folder.

  • Keep An Eye Out On Email Engagement Metrics

Businesses can easily determine the overall email performance based on the different aspects of email engagement metrics like open rate, click rate, opt-out frequency, etc.

This allows them to make necessary changes to the email content, design, and other elements, directly impacting the email engagement metrics and reducing the chances of your email landing in the spam folder.

Therefore, frequently monitoring your email engagement metrics is crucial to stay updated and modify based on customer preferences.

  • Include Your Physical Address

Authenticity is one of the top-selling points for any email conversion. As a user, opening an email with no proper signage can result in doubt and increase the chances of users opting out of the email list.

However, including the physical address of your business office towards the end of the email body increases the chances of instilling trust within the users as it solidifies brand authentication. This limits the chances of them moving your email to the spam folder.

  • Avoid Misleading Subject Lines

Most times, people are deceived into believing that emails with extremely catchy, out-of-the-box, and unrelated subject lines increase the engagement rate for the email campaign. However, to avoid seeing your email in a spam folder, ensuring that the subject lines are innovative yet in sync with the product or service is key to success.

Simply put, businesses can significantly increase their email open rate and genuine lead generation by avoiding subject lines that create more confusion than email intent clarity.

  • Use Business Email IDs

People commonly put an email in a spam folder because of the sender’s email ID. Any person skimming through that email inbox will ignore or move emails from unauthorised email IDs.

Therefore, a professional business email ID is necessary to build a trusting relationship with the users from the get-go. One of the effective ways to do so is by investing in a business email hosting provider. This will ensure all your email IDs are related to the business, making them trustworthy.

  • Optimise Email Frequency

Another essential tip to reduce the chances of your email landing in the spam folder is pre-deciding the email frequency.

That means, instead of sending endless emails to the users, businesses set up a favourable frequency that does not crowd the user’s inbox but ensures the right information is conveyed. 

The frequency can be based on target segmentation, location, or engagement rates.


No matter whether you are a business owner or an individual, implementing the right tips to avoid pushing your users to send your emails to spam folders is necessary. Email communication has been around for years, so making the right amendments to your email marketing strategy to get the best results is crucial. 

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