How successful is the eCommerce sector in Spain

Ecommerce in Spain was worth €27.96bn in 2018

The world is witnessing a gradual overhaul from the world of doing business physically to online platforms. Many businesses already have their online platforms in anticipation of when there will be an ultimate shift to online commerce. 

Spain is also not left of this change as almost all the companies in Spain already have a strong online presence for customers who will prefer to patronise them online or for customers that are not in the same physical location as they are. You can visit platforms like OpinionesEspana for user reviews on companies with an online presence from various industries and how good their services are. 

Spain is known as one of the leading countries in eCommerce markets in southern Europe. The strongest sectors of eCommerce in Spain are Fashion (29%), Electronics and media (25%), Food and personal care (17%), DIY (17%), and then appliances and Furniture (12%). 

One tool to being successful in the eCommerce market of Spain is to seek good economic advices and to analyse available data

Should you consider starting your own e-commerce platform?

Various factors can determine how successful an e-commerce platform will be. These factors are;

•    Price of the goods

•    Quality of customer service

•    Quality of product sold

•    Average age of your target market

•    Extent of social networking

These factors do not work independently of each other. Understand each one of them and be able to fully utilise them in connection with each other. For instance, social networking will probably not be so effective if your target market age is above 60 years as compared to if they are less than 40 years of age and below. 

Studies have also shown that 2 of the most used social media platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Hence the most result would be gotten if these platforms are used for the majority of social media marketing and even as advertising tools. 

Online shopping in Spain

A 2017 research showed the percentage of online shoppers in Spain to be about 67.4%. This figure, although quite high, has increased years after. This is high compared to the 52.2 percent of online shoppers in countries like Italy.

More Spanish citizens have also adapted the use of mobile phones for online shopping. This has also increased the rate of their online shopping as a result of easy accessibility to the user device. 

With the use of social media platforms, Spanish people are more inclined to buy online because the advertising means is familiar to them. This is a drastic change from their previous distrust in online buying of products. 

Emerging trends that will overtake the eCommerce market are the use of artificial intelligence as a sales tool. Other tools such as voice commerce and multichannel purchases are also very promising.

Therefore, it is a great decision to hop on this ever-growing industry of eCommerce and maximise its potential because it tends to get bigger every day.